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Accelerate lead molecules to the clinic by profiling the B cell repertoire

The new Opto™ Plasma B Discovery 4.0 workflow on the Beacon® system advances from B cells to lead molecules in just 1 week. With this powerful workflow, you can:

  • Advance from B cells to lead molecules by putting function first
  • Succeed with difficult targets where traditional hybridoma and phage display methods have failed
  • Increase campaign capacity by saving time and resources

Get a quick breakdown of this workflow from antibody expert, Anupam Singhal, PhD in his video tour.

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Rapidly discover antibodies against difficult targets

In this GEN webinar, hear Genovac’s Patricia Odermatt and Iwona Budnicki present case studies and discuss how they utilized the Opto Plasma B Discovery workflow to rapidly discover antibodies against challenging targets, like GPCRs.

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From patient sample to lead molecules in 18 days

In March 2020, scientists at Vanderbilt University found antibodies that neutralized SARS-CoV-2 in under three weeks, using our Opto™ Viral Neutralization Workflow. Two of those antibodies now comprise AstraZeneca’s promising antibody cocktail in Phase III Clinical Trials. Get a behind -the-scenes look at the workflow and hear from the Vanderbilt team about the process.

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