Generate the best cell lines for complex antibody therapeutics with unrivaled clonality assurance in just days.

Leave the slow, time-consuming well-plate workflow behind. Cell Line Development with Berkeley Lights’ technology and platforms is faster and provides greater insights through in-depth clone characterization.

Cell line development


Replace 8-12 Weeks of Challenging Well Plate Steps with the Less Than 1 Week Opto™ CLD Workflow on the Beacon® Optofluidic Platform.

Typical well plate workflow vs Beacon cell line development workflow

Traditional well-plate workflows are slow, laborious and inefficient. The Cell Line Development Workflow on the Beacon platform changes this. You can now select top clones with >99% monoclonality assurance and a superior data package in just days.

Top Clones

Generate the Best Cell Lines

Quantification of thousands of clones over multiple days of on-chip culture enables selection and recovery of clones with 1.5 – 3X higher titers than clones selected by traditional clone-picking technologies after scale-up to shake flask fed-batch cultures.

Titers for Beacon and traditional clones
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Complex Antibody Molecules

Select Top Clones for Even Non-Traditional Antibody Molecules

The Opto CLD Workflow selects top clones by measuring growth and titers over multiple days of on-chip culture. SpotLight™ assays enable quantification of both traditional and non-traditional antibodies, such as Fc-engineered mAbs, bispecifics, and multispecifics.


Superior Data Package

Compile a Superior Data Package with Simple, Visual Confirmation of Monoclonality

Unlike traditional well-plate approaches, the Beacon Cell Line Development Workflow provides a visual record of all clones – in an automated fashion – and allows confident assessment of monoclonality. Cells can be visually tracked from the moment they are loaded into NanoPen™ chambers through culture, antibody secretion assays, and eventual recovery of top secreting clones, providing a complete visual record of cell morphology, growth rate, and behavior over days of on-chip culture.

Nanopen chamber

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Unrivaled Monoclonality Assurance

Get >99% Monoclonality Assurance with a Single, Automated Round of Cloning


>99% monoclonality assurance


1 automated round of cloning

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