Straight to the Right Cell

Don’t waste your time culturing unwanted cells

There is no need to culture your cells for weeks waiting to reach a minimum assay detection level. Assay immediately in 1nL pens:

By starting with monocellular clarity, you can perform multiple assays to fully characterize and annotate your cells. Only export and culture the right clones.

The Beacon platform combines a closed nanofluidic environment with a structured-light optical engine that enables unlimited and fully automated assays including:


• Realtime lgG Secretion
• Multiple Species Binding
• Growth Rate
• Surface Markers
• Phenotypic Assays
• Live/Dead Assays
• Multiplex Assays
• Affinity Assays
• Multiple Antigen Screening
• Reporter Cell Assays
• Other Functional Assays

Characterization through Visualization

At the heart of the Beacon platform is an epifluorescent microscope that captures bright field and fluorescence images of each NanoPenTM chamber at multiple time points. Whether daily or hourly, you can visualize and capture a record of each clone’s growth, phenotype,
and assay results.

After 1 to 5 days of comprehensive annotation and characterization, clones that meet the user-defined specifications are exported into a 96-well plate with a complete visual record with greater than 99% clonality.

Flexible Automation

Easily program automated workflows tailored for your specific needs. The touchscreen display, accompanied by instructional videos, walks the user through all the setup steps.

Small is Sensitive

Each NanoPen is ~100,000 times smaller volume than a microwell. Perform secretion assays with both soluble or membrane-bound targets within hours of cloning rather than weeks. The sensitivity achieved allows many assays to be done at the monocellular level.