Get to the Right Clones Faster

Every day saved in the development of a biological equates to significant financial gains. Getting to market faster, cheaper and better is the goal.

The Beacon™ platform’s Cell Line Development Workflow helps to make that goal a reality. In just 5 days, culture, assay, select, and export the top 24-48 clones for scale up with minimal human intervention. Confidently go from individual cells to relevant secretion measurements of clonal cell lines.

5 Days, 4 Easy Steps

Increase Genetic Diversity

During typical selection culture, fast growers will overwhelm the population. The Beacon workflow allows the sampling of a more diverse population of cells shortly after transfection.

Small is Sensitive

With each nanopen equal to 1nL, assaying can be done faster with out having to wait to recover enough supernatant to assay for titer. Assaying can be done at anytime and at multiple time points.

Selecting the Right Clones

Evaluate thousands of clones based upon your specific criteria; doubling rate, titer, cell diameter, cell circularity, etc.

Ranked Qp Versus Cells/Pen




Select Your Distinctive Clones for Export


Relevancy at the Nano Scale

Two pools of cells were processed through the cell line development workflow on the Beacon. Clones were randomly selected from high, medium, and low titer. Clones were scaled up to 125 ml shake flasks and titer was measured. Correlation was seen between the chip and 125 ml flask.