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What if you could identify top clones, in just days?

The Opto™ CLD 2.0 workflow helps you avoid traditional laborious, inefficient well plate workflows. You can now select top clones with >99% monoclonality assurance in just days – even for non-traditional antibodies.

Get a quick breakdown of this workflow from expert, Anupam Singhal, PhD in his video tour.

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high-performance clones, with >99% monoclonality assurance

Confident clonality assurance for a successful IND

The Beacon system’s optofluidic chip technology and integrated imaging provide direct evidence of FDA-accepted >99% monoclonality, without the manual effort and uncertainty of traditional methods. Learn how the Opto CLD workflow provides superior cloning technology and in-process quality controls for definitive evidence of monoclonality to support regulatory approvals.

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Optimizing therapeutic production when every day matters

What’s the future of vaccine and therapeutic development? The race to provide COVID-19 treatments will change the way we approach future therapy development. Watch our on-demand fireside chat, for an in-depth discussion on fast-tracking the development of therapeutic antibodies and vaccines for SARS-Cov-2. Distinguished guests include Dr. Jennitte Stevens from Amgen, Dr. Gregory Bleck from Catalent Biologics, and Dr. Trent Munro from the University of Queensland.

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