What if you could capture a deep profile of each T cell in your sample?

From proliferation and cytokine secretions to cytotoxicity, knowing exactly how individual T cells behave grants you a clearer picture of which of them have the greatest potential to save lives. Get a deeper look at the data behind mixing and matching the functional assays in our Opto™ Cell Therapy Development workflow.

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Every Polyfunctional Cell, Fully Characterized


What if you could characterize more than just T cells?

Our flexible Cytotoxicity Assay equips you to investigate NK cell killing mechanisms, responses to chemical regulation, and even the contribution of NK cell populations to robust ADCC with therapeutic monoclonal antibodies. Read our latest application note and explore how.

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    Discover drivers of T cell

    The OptoSeq™ 3′ mRNA kit is the first of its kind — a combined multi-omics workflow which makes it possible to directly correlate cytokine secretion analysis and gene expression profiling on the same cell.

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    Amplify your best TCR alpha and beta chains.

    The TCRseq Well Plate kit allows you to recover your selected cells from fewer than 10,000 cells and sequence only the T cells with the potential to be great therapeutics.

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It only takes one cell to develop the next powerful therapeutic.

The Opto™ Antigen Presenting Bead (Opto™ APB) Kit helps you find that cell. Added to our Opto Cell Therapy Development workflow, this kit empowers you to validate stable peptide binding and expand rare T cells 10x more effectively than with dendritic cells (DCs).

Get a deeper dive into how how this kit bypasses a major bottleneck in sample preparation with a 10-minute tour presented by T cell expert, Yelena Bronevetsky, PhD.


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Expand And Rapidly Validate Rare Cells


Opto Cell Therapy Development — now on the Beacon® system.

Every cell therapy development capability is now available across the entire Berkeley Lights Platform, including the powerful Beacon optofluidic system. Explore our resources to discover everything that’s possible in Cell Therapy Development, from measuring antigen-specific functions of thousands of single T cells to understanding the mechanisms and gene expressions driving optimal T cell phenotypes

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