We’re excited to announce that Berkeley Lights and IsoPlexis are moving forward together as PhenomeX, a premier functional cell biology company. Visit Site

Our Team

Siddhartha Kadia, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Mehul Joshi

Chief Financial Officer

Rolando Brawer, Ph.D.

Chief Business Officer

Scott Chaplin

Chief Legal Officer

Lucas S. Vitale

Chief Human Resources Officer

Troy Lionberger, Ph.D.

General Manager, Partnerships & Services Business

Eric Hobbs, Ph.D.

President, Global Operations

Our Board

Siddhartha Kadia

Board Member, Chief Executive Officer Berkeley Lights

Igor Khandros

Board Member, Co-Founder Berkeley Lights

Elizabeth Nelson

Board Member Berkeley Lights

Michael Moritz

Chairman Sequoia Capital

James Rothman

Board Member Berkeley Lights

Greg Lucier

Board Chairperson, CEO Corza Health, Inc.

John Chiminski

Board Member, CEO Catalent, Inc.

Jessica Hopfield

Board Member, President J Hopfield Consulting