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Customer Spotlight

Catalent Biologics on Cell Line Development

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    “We are getting clones at about 50-100% higher productivity than we were with a traditional system.”

    Dr. Greg Bleck
    Global Head of R&D, Catalent Biologics

Speeding Up Cell Line Development

Catalent Biologics, part of Catalent Inc., takes biologics from cell line development to finished product supply using their proprietary GPEx® Cell Line Development technology, which creates stable, high yielding mammalian cell lines for even the most difficult to express proteins. In order to speed up their process and get the best clones, they invested in the Beacon® optofluidic system.

Get “True” Productivity

By incorporating the Beacon system into their process, Catalent reduced their timeline and generated better clones by having more clones screened and providing them with better initial estimates of “true” productivity prior to scaling up the cell lines for production.

In Catalent’s Application Note, published in Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, they were able to select significantly higher expressing clonal cell lines by using the Beacon system as compared to their traditional method, with the high-secreting cell lines identified only by the Berkeley Lights Platform, as shown in the figure below. For a lower expressing antibody product, that advantage was even more pronounced, with only the Beacon Cell Line Development workflow identifying the top 15 clones.

Clones selected based on titer measurements on the Beacon system had 1.5–3-fold higher titers than clones selected using traditional clone picking technology when scaled up to shake flask fed-batch cultures. ©2019 Catalent, Inc. All rights reserved.


Additionally, Catalent validated that the Beacon system delivers cell lines with >99% monoclonality assurance (data available in application note).

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