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Customer Spotlight

Genovac on Antibody Discovery

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    “The throughput of two Beacon systems, coupled with our genetic immunization technology, has increased the probability of campaign success by delivering 10-fold more lead candidates against difficult targets like GPCRs.”

    Brian Walters
    CEO of Genovac


Traditional hybridoma and phage display methods have shown limited success in delivering therapeutic antibodies against promising but difficult targets such as GPCRs and ion channels. Genovac is a contract research organization that is committed to get the right antibodies in the shortest amount of time. To accomplish this, they offer a powerful genetic immunization technology coupled with the Beacon® optofluidic system to screen the B cell repertoire from mice and rats (with rabbit and alpaca platforms under development), providing access to greater biodiversity than traditional approaches.

Going Where
Hybridoma Can’t

In the recent webinar, Tackle Difficult Targets by Accessing Broad B Cell Diversity, Genovac demonstrated how the Opto™ Plasma B Discovery workflow can yield up to 10-times more hits than hybridoma campaigns against difficult membrane targets like GPCRs and other multi-pass transmembrane targets.

The three targets used in this work exhibit common challenges encountered in difficult targets:

  • Small extracellular regions that limit the number of antigenic epitopes
  • High sequence homology that reduces the chances of eliciting an immune response
  • Poor cell surface expression that makes cell-based screening difficult

Figure 1. Direct functional profiling of B cells can yield up to 10-fold more hits than hybridoma campaigns against difficult membrane targets like GPCRs.

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