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Go from B cell to lead molecule in 1 week through direct functional profiling of the B cell repertoire.

Leave no hit behind

In just 1 week, the Opto™ Plasma B Discovery 4.0 workflow enables recovery of 1000s of hits by screening up to 100,000 plasma B cells.

Beacon System And Optoselect Chip

Step 1:
Single-Cell Cloning

Step 2:
Functional Profiling

Step 3:
Barcoded cdna synthesis

Step 4:
Bulk Recovery

Advance the most promising lead molecules by mapping every sequence to antibody function and then use OptoSeq™ Barcoded BCR to recover them all.

>80% of 271 rapidly re-expressed antibodies exhibited antigen specificity in plate-based ELISA assays.

Recover lead molecules, not just sequences

Berkeley Lights’ new Opto™ BCR Rapid Re-expression Kit enables rapid re-expression of antibodies in just 1 week to confirm function in plate-based assays. Amplified cDNA is cloned into expression constructs in one step, enabling expression of thousands of antibodies for rapid functional confirmation.

Want to learn more?

Learn everything you need to know about the Opto Plasma B Discovery 4.0 workflow in our 10-minute video tour on-demand: