Cells are capable of manufacturing cures for diseases, fibers for clothing, energy in the form of biofuels, and food proteins for nutrition. So the question is, why aren’t we doing more of this?

Well, the answer is that with today’s solutions, it is hard. It takes a long time to find the right cell for a specific job, costs lots of money, and if you have picked a suboptimal cell line, has a very low process yield. Our proprietary technology and Beacon® and Lightning™ platforms let you discover and develop cell-based products in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of conventional research methods. Using our tools and solutions, you can find the best cells, the first time you look.

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Antibody Discovery

  • Access broad B cell diversity
  • Discover thousands of hits in days
  • Down-select lead candidates earlier
  • Recover >650 unique, functional, antigen specific BCR sequences in a single workflow

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Cell Line Development

  • Get >99% monoclonality assurance in a single, automated round of cloning
  • Compile a superior data package with simple, visual monoclonality confirmation
  • Generate the best cell lines by screening 1000s of clones

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T Cell Functional Analytics

  • Assemble and visualize hundreds of individual cell-cell interactions
  • Measure individual cell cytotoxicity
  • Directly link phenotype to genotype
  • Recover cells of interest, alive

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Synthetic Biology

  • Measure and visually observe the performance of individual cells
  • Reduce time required to collect data
  • Access data unavailable using conventional measurements

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