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Select clones based on product quality, not just productivity​

Opto Assure assays for the Opto™ CLD Workflow minimize costly late-stage failures by identifying clones that secrete product with high yield and favorable manufacturability profiles earlier in cell line development.​

  • The Opto Assure assay for aggregation

    As therapeutic molecules become more complex, developing cell lines that make high yield, high-quality product has become more challenging. Opto Assure makes earlier assessment of product quality possible, so you get the best cells and a faster, lower-risk path to volume production – even for complex molecules like bispecifics.​

    This first assay in the Opto Assure line enables direct detection of product aggregates within days of single cell cloning. With this assay, you can confidently identify and select clones that secrete high-quality complex molecules and minimize risk during downstream scale up. ​

Want to learn more about how the new Opto Assure assay for aggregation can help you select better cell lines? Just fill out the short form below and a specialist will reach out within 24 hours.​​