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Pool to Clone in Days


Cell Line Development Workflow

Replace 8-12 weeks of challenging well plate steps with Opto CLD on the Beacon optofluidic system. Screen thousands of clones in parallel with advanced in-process imaging and automation. Take a look at our webinar to learn more.

CLD Aggregation Assay

Selection based on product quality, not just productivity

The Opto CLD workflow enables selection of top clones by measuring growth over multiple days of on-chip culture and secretion titers using quantitative assays for both traditional and non- traditional antibodies. With the Opto™ Assure assay for aggregation, clones are detected and scored for aggregates with automated imaging analysis, so that those with poor quality profiles can be easily eliminated before selection and scale-up.

Capacity for up to 50 campaigns per year

Minimize operating costs and significantly reduce your CLD footprint with Opto CLD. One instrument can help you deliver up to 10 times more projects per year. Learn more in the Opto CLD brochure.

Access greater relevant cell diversity and find top rare clones with Selective Cell Cloning

Selective Cell Cloning with Opto CLD lets you screen up to 100,000 cells in a single 5-day workflow, enabling access to more relevant cell diversity than conventional methods for cell line development. Gently enrich transfected pools by identifying and cloning only cells that are viable and express your protein of interest. With Selective Cell Cloning, you can eliminate weeks of mini- pool processing by enabling deeper screening of bulk stable pools.

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