Emeryville, CA – February 13, 2017 – Berkeley Lights, Inc. (BLI), a company dedicated to bringing to market transformational platforms for biopharmaceutical processes announced today that two abstracts highlighting the performance and utility of the BLI technology will be presented at the 2017 AGBT annual meeting. The meeting, from February 13-16th, brings together researchers and thought leaders dedicated to making advances in genomic innovations.

BLI’s OptoSelect light technology automates many challenging tasks that are required in research applications, such as single cell profiling by morphology, surface markers, protein secretions, and genomics. The advanced semiconductor technology working at nano-fluidic volumes, allows for great precision in cell isolation and cell-cell interactions affording high value genomic information.

“Our technology is giving researchers an unprecedented way to characterize and annotate single cells including phenotype, functionality, and gene expression profiling that can be applied across a wide range of applications, including cancer immunology, gene editing, and antibody discovery,” said Igor Khandros, PhD, BLI co-founder and chief executive officer.

The Beacon OptoFluidic™ platform enables the tracking, monitoring, and visualization of single cell manipulation and cell to cell interaction in a nano-fluidic chip. By stringing together four basic modules: import, culture, assay, and export; integrated workflows can be implemented for cell line development, antibody discovery and engineering, gene editing, and research, resulting in reduced hands on time and accelerated delivery of actionable results. Whether identifying the rare cell in a million or screening across thousands of clones to identify the best, the Beacon platform positively impacts discovery and development timelines enabling biologics to reach the market sooner.

The schedule of poster presentations from BLI and its collaborator is as follows:

Date and Time: Tuesday, February 14th 4:45-6:10pm
Title: “Flexible Single Cell Isolation Technologies Combined with High-Throughput Targeted Sequencing Enable Characterization of ovarian Intratumor Heterogeneity”

Authors: R. Sebra Icahn Institute and Dept. of Genetics & Genomic Sciences
Poster #: 1205
Location: Great Hall 3

Date and Time: Tuesday, February 14th 4:45-6:10pm
Title: “Massively Parallel Phenotyping, Culturing, Assaying and Sequencing of Single Cells on an OptoFluidic™ Chip”

Authors: M. Soumillon Berkeley Lights, Inc.
Poster #: 407
Location: Great Hall 3

About Berkeley Lights:

‪Berkeley Lights, Inc. (BLI) develops and commercializes platforms on which many bio-pharmaceutical, genomic, and cellular therapy applications will run. BLI launched its first commercial platform, the Beacon™, in December 2016. The Beacon platform, originally released for single cell based antibody discovery and cell line development is now set to expand capabilities in cell and gene therapies and other research. BLI’s transformative platforms will enable a capability leap in single cell-by-cell differentiation, measurement and culture to ultimately empower the reactivation of a patient’s own immune system to defeat diseases such as cancer and autoimmune disorders.

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