Emeryville, CA – March 31, 2017 – Berkeley Lights, Inc. (BLI), a company dedicated to bringing to market transformational platforms for biopharmaceutical processes, announced today that one of its cancer immunology applications will be featured in a poster presentation at the April 1-5th annual AACR meeting in Washington, D.C. The AACR annual meeting features breakthrough scientific advancements in cancer research from around the world and BLI is presenting on its OptoSelectTM light technology that enables the analysis and recovery of functionally defined single immune cell clones.

BLI’s OptoSelect technology automates the annotation and characterization of individual cells. Cancer immunology research applications requiring sorting, identification, and co-localization of specific types of immune cells are easily automated on the BLI OptoSelect chip. The Beacon OptoFluidic™ platform automates the precise selection, control, and measurement of thousands of individual cells simultaneously. These cells can be assayed for specificity, activated, and/or cultured over a number of days and then exported for further studies. Each individual cell can be profiled by morphology, surface markers, protein secretions, and genomics.

Leveraging this expertise in precise cellular processing, BLI is developing a closed, fully-integrated platform that will enable the development and manufacture of cellular therapies. This novel platform will allow cell therapies to be manufactured at the point of care or in centralized facilities ultimately providing greater access for patients worldwide.

“BLI is committed to delivering the technologies and tools that can advance the discovery, development, and delivery of cancer therapeutics,” said Eric Hobbs, PhD, BLI chief executive officer. “We look forward to the opportunity to share our findings and results with the scientific community at AACR.”

The schedule of the poster presentation is as follows:

Date and Time: Tuesday, April 4th 1:00pm – 5:00pm

Title: “Analysis and recovery of functionally defined single immune cell clones through Opto-Electro-Positioning (OEP™) technology”

Authors: X. Wang Berkeley Lights, Inc.

Session: Assay Technology

Poster Board Number #: 18

Poster Number: 4028

Booth Number: 957


About Berkeley Lights:

‪Berkeley Lights, Inc. (BLI) develops and commercializes platforms on which many bio-pharmaceutical, genomic, and cellular therapy applications will run. BLI launched its first commercial platform, the Beacon™, in December 2016. The Beacon platform, originally released for single cell based antibody discovery and cell line development is now set to expand capabilities in cell and gene therapies and other research. BLI’s transformative platforms will enable a capability leap in single cell-by-cell differentiation, measurement and culture to ultimately empower the reactivation of a patient’s own immune system to defeat diseases such as cancer and autoimmune disorders.

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