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GenScript Biotech Chooses Berkeley Lights’ Optofluidic Single-Cell Platform

Nanjing, China and Emeryville, Calif.

Note: This press release was initially published on November 27, 2020 in China. It has since been translated to English. Berkeley Lights cannot confirm or deny any statements regarding GenScript of its capabilities in this release. 


NANJING, China and EMERYVILLE, Calif. (Feb. 14, 2020) — GenScript Biotech Corp., the world’s leading pharmaceutical CDMO company, announced today that the company is adopting a state-of-the-art optofluidic single-cell platform known as the Beacon® platform. The platform was developed by Berkeley Lights, Inc., a company committed to helping customers find the best cells to accelerate the use of cell-based products. GenScript will apply the platform to its antibody-drug discovery services to further enhance the coverage and comprehensive strength of GenScript’s technical offerings.


The Beacon platform is currently the fastest method for target-to-lead candidate discovery, accomplishing varying development needs according to desired cell characteristics and providing customers with more choices in the early stage of antibody drug discovery. For GenScript, the platform greatly shortens the time required for the traditional hybridoma screening workflow and can directly carry out the preparation process of single B cell cloning, enabling the automated screening of antibody function and recovery of live B cells in just 24 hours. The platform accomplishes this by efficiently shortening the antibody discovery cycle while retaining a large diversity of antibodies, allowing for the detection of a greater number of targets and rare antibodies that are traditionally difficult to screen. 


The strategic agreement signed by GenScript and Berkeley Lights aims to maximize customer benefits through the all-around integration of internal resources. GenScript’s nearly 20 years of antibody development experience will allow the Beacon platform to develop a diverse, accurate, and efficient on-chip assay capable of precisely developing targeted antibodies for customers. Berkeley Lights will provide GenScript with full-service consulting and training on the Beacon platform, and will assist GenScript in expanding its antibody drug discovery services. The long-term strategic cooperation between the two companies is set to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes and advance collective growth. 


“In the golden age of rapid development for China’s bio-pharmaceutical industry, we are honored to work with GenScript, who will leverage Berkeley Lights’ unique Beacon platform to contribute to China’s innovative drug development and cell biology research,” said Dr. Geng Yue, the head of Asia Pacific and senior director of business development at Berkeley Lights. “We will continue to work hard at expanding the applications of this technology to provide versatile and efficient single-cell technical solutions for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, as well as scientists.”


GenScript is the first CDMO company using Berkeley Lights technology in China. As a result of the Beacon platform’s ability to fully recognize the landscape of available hybridoma technology, GenScript is strategically poised to offer a full human antibody library and single B cell cloning services to its users. 


“Today’s medicines and immunotherapy practices are rapidly evolving,” said Dr. Zhu Li, the chief strategy officer of GenScript. “In this context, we are looking forward to working with Berkeley Lights. GenScript is constantly exploring how to help our customers develop biological medicines more quickly and efficiently, and overcome the technical bottlenecks many researchers face. This structured cooperation between GenScript and Berkeley Lights will greatly improve the overall service level of our antibody drug discovery offerings, enrich our technical resources, and enable us to better contribute to the development of the global bio-pharmaceutical industry.”


About Berkeley Lights
Here at Berkeley Lights, we think cells are awesome! Cells are capable of manufacturing cures for diseases, fibers for clothing, energy in the form of biofuels, and food proteins for nutrition. So the question is, if nature is capable of manufacturing the products we need in a scalable way, why aren’t we doing more of this? Well, the answer is that with the solutions available today, it is hard. It takes a long time to find the right cell for a specific job, costs lots of money, and if you have picked a suboptimal cell line, has a very low process yield. Berkeley Lights has the complete solution to find the best cells by functionally screening and recovering individual cells for antibody discovery, cell line development, T cell analysis, and synthetic biology. Our proprietary technology, Beacon® and Lightning™ platforms, accelerate the rate you can discover and develop cell-based products in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of conventional, legacy research methods. Using our tools and solutions, scientists can find the best cells, the first time they look. For more information, visit


*The Beacon and Lightning optofluidic platforms are For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


About GenScript
GenScript Biotech Corporation(Stock Code: 1548 .HK)is a global biotechnology group. Based on its leading gene synthesis technology, GenScript’s businesses focus on four major categories, including Life Science CRO, enzyme and synthetic biology products, biologics development and manufacturing, as well as cell therapy. GenScript was established in 2002, and listed in HKEX in 2015. GenScript has been serving more than 300,000 customers from more than 160 countries and regions around the world with premier convenient reliable services and products, by leveraging its global coverage in Greater China, North America, EU and Asia Pacific. GenScript currently has more than 2,600 employees globally, 33% of whom hold master’s or Ph.D. degrees. GenScript also has a number of leading commercial technologies developed in the fields of synthetic biology, immunotherapy, antibody design, chemical synthesis and bioinformatics, including more than 70 patents and more than 200 patent applications. As of January 2019, GenScript’s products and services have been cited by 36,500 scientific papers worldwide. GenScript is committed to striving for its vision as the most reliable biotech company in the world to make humans and nature healthier through biotechnology.


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