The Culture Station

Expand scope scale and throughput of your BLI platform.

Culture station


Find the cells you are looking for even faster.

The Culture Station lets you free up your Beacon or Lightning platform during the culture and get results faster by running multiple chips in parallel. Save time by running larger experiments with more cells. Optimize experimental conditions more quickly by running 4 chips with independent media types and get your results faster.

Culture station

Design the Process

Expand the scope and throughput of your single-cell analysis.

The Culture Station lets you transfer up to 4 chips to a culture module with an independent media bottle and fluidic system. Run media optimization experiments or free up Beacon or Lightning platform to run other experiments during culture stages of an experiment. Expand your culture station to include up to 8 chip capacity by linking 2 platforms together on the same computer.

Culture Station computer UI

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.