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Publication 12/01/2021

A review: Dielectrophoresis for characterizing and separating similar cell subpopulations based on bioelectric property changes due to disease progression and therapy assessment


Duncan, Josie L... Davalos, Rafael V

This paper reviews the use of dielectrophoresis for high-fidelity separations and characterizations of subpopulations to highlight the recent advances in the electrokinetic field as...

Publication 10/29/2021

Single-cell electrical characterization

Biosensors for Single-Cell Analysis

Cottet, Jonathan... Caselli, Federica

This chapter provides an introduction to single-cell electrical characterization techniques and related devices, which play a key role in the framework of label-free biosensing...

Publication 08/01/2020

Generating therapeutic monoclonal antibodies to complex multi-spanning membrane targets: Overcoming the antigen challenge and enabling discovery strategies


Dodd, R... Britton, ZT

Complex integral membrane proteins, which are embedded in the cell surface lipid bilayer by multiple transmembrane spanning helices, encompass families of proteins which are...

Publication 01/10/2020

A Review on Optoelectrokinetics-Based Manipulation and Fabrication of Micro/Nanomaterials


Liang, Wenfeng... Yang, Wenguang

Optoelectrokinetics (OEK), a fusion of optics, electrokinetics, and microfluidics, has been demonstrated to offer a series of extraordinary advantages in the manipulation and fabrication...

Publication 07/01/2019

Optoelectronic Tweezers – An Optofluidic Platform for Digital Cell Biology

2019 International Conference on Optical MEMS and Nanophotonics (OMN)

Wu, Ming C

Optoelectronic tweezers enables massively parallel screening, sorting, selection, cloning, culturing, functional-assaying and harvesting of tens of thousands of single cells on an integrated optofluidic...

Publication 02/01/2019

Enabling drug discovery and development through single-cell imaging

Expert opinion on drug discovery

Pomerantz, Andrea K... Krucker, Thomas

Single-cell imaging-based assays are an area of active and growing investment in drug discovery and development. This approach offers researchers the capability to interrogate...