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Cell Line Development

Publication 04/01/2022

Traceable impedance-based single-cell pipetting, from a research set-up to a robust and fast automated robot: DispenCell-S1

SLAS Technology

Hannart, Héloïse, H... Bonzon, David, D

Single-cell isolation is a truly transformative tool for the understanding of biological systems. It allows single-cell molecular analyses and considers the heterogeneity of cell...

Publication 11/01/2021

High-throughput and automation advances for accelerating single-cell cloning, monoclonality and early phase clone screening steps in mammalian cell line development for biologics production

Biotechnology Progress

Tejwani, Vijay, V... Sharfstein, Susan T

Mammalian cell line development is a multistep process wherein timelines for developing clonal cells to be used as manufacturing cell lines for biologics production...

Publication 11/01/2021

Microfluidic chip-based single-cell cloning to accelerate biologic production timelines

Biotechnology Progress

Diep, Jonathan, J... Stevens, Jennitte, J

Cell line development (CLD) represents a critical, yet time-consuming, step in the biomanufacturing process as significant resources are devoted to the scale-up and screening...

Publication 05/21/2021

Nanoscale integration of single cell biologics discovery processes using optofluidic manipulation and monitoring

Biotechnology and Bioengineering

Jorgolli, Marsela ... Miranda, Less P.

The new and rapid advancement in the complexity of biologics drug discovery has been driven by a deeper understanding of biological systems combined with...

Publication 04/05/2021

Preclinical development of a molecular clamp-stabilised subunit vaccine for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2

Wiley Online Library

Watterson, Daniel... Chappel, Keith J

Efforts to develop and deploy effective vaccines against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) continue at pace. Here, we describe rational antigen design...

Publication 12/01/2020

Recent advances in CHO cell line development for recombinant protein production

Science Direct

Borbála Tihany, LászlóNyitra

Recombinant proteins used in biomedical research, diagnostics and different therapies are mostly produced in Chinese hamster ovary cells in the pharmaceutical industry. These biotherapeutics,...

Publication 02/01/2020

Methods for Estimating the Probability of Clonality in Cell Line Development

Biotechnology Journal

Chen, Chun, C... Goudar, Chetan T, CT

Mammalian cell banks for biopharmaceutical production are usually derived from a single progenitor cell. Different methods to estimate the probability that the cell banks...

Publication 07/01/2019

Achieving Unique Synergies in Antibody Expression

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

Kravitz, R... Bleck, G;


Publication 02/01/2019

Enabling drug discovery and development through single-cell imaging

Expert Opinion on Drug Discovery

Pomerantz, AK... Krucker, T

Single-cell imaging-based assays are an area of active and growing investment in drug discovery and development. This approach offers researchers the capability to interrogate...

Publication 01/01/2019

Assuring Clonality on the Beacon Digital Cell Line Development Platform

Biotechnology Journal

Le, Kim, K... Stevens, Jennitte, J

During biomanufacturing cell lines development, the generation and screening for single-cell derived subclones using methods that enable assurance of clonal derivation can be resource-...

Publication 07/16/2018

A novel mammalian cell line development platform utilizing nanofluidics and optoelectro positioning technology

Biotechnology Progress

Le, Kim... Munro Trent

Generating a highly productive cell line is resource intensive and typically involves long timelines because of the need to screen large numbers of candidates...

Publication 05/11/2018

Using nanoscale bioreactors to characterize sub-populations of CHO clones and screen transfected pools

ECI Digital Archives

Nevill, Tanner... Elms, Phillip

Traditional means to quantify growth and production rates for antibody-expressing CHO lines involve sampling aliquots and supernatants from well plates that have been seeded...

Publication 05/11/2018

Interrogating cell culture populations for the selection of production cell lines using microfluidic culturing, single cell analysis, and predictive modelling

ECI Digital Archives

Le, Kim... Yaghmour, Sam

Cell line development for manufacturing is a lengthy, multi-step, resource intensive, critical path activity. Attempts to perform in silico modelling and prediction of cell...

Publication 09/21/2017

Enabling next-generation cell line development using continuous perfusion and nanofluidic technologies (Abstract Only)

ECI Digital Archives

Goudar, Chetan... Munro, Trent

The manufacturing process for a biologic begins with establishing a clonally derived, stable production cell line. Generating a highly productive cell line is time...