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Synthetic Biology

Publication 09/17/2021

Massively parallel quantification of phenotypic heterogeneity in single-cell drug responses

Science Advances

Yellen, Benjamin B... Hammerbacher, Jeff

Single-cell analysis tools have made substantial advances in characterizing genomic heterogeneity; however, tools for measuring phenotypic heterogeneity have lagged due to the increased difficulty...

Publication 09/02/2021

Foundational Tools for Building a New Bioeconomy

Journal of Commercial Biotechnology

Levine, Daniel S

While biotechnology has been transforming the diagnosis and treatment of disease, it has also been altering everything from the production of crops to how...

Publication 08/07/2021

High-throughput optofluidic screening for improved microbial cell factories via real-time micron-scale productivity monitoring

Lab on a Chip

Rienzo, Matthew... Leavell, Michael D

The industrial synthetic biology sector has made huge investments to achieve relevant miniaturized screening systems for scalable fermentation. Here we present the first example...

Publication 08/01/2021

Emerging optofluidic technologies for biodiagnostic applications


Wu, Jiandong... Lin, Francis

For continuous-flow PCR, recent advances have been made toward several directions: (1) _Operation simplification and system integration_. For example, Tachibana et al. developed continuous-flow PCR...

Publication 01/15/2021

Sensing the future of bio-informational engineering

Nature Communications

Dixon, Thomas A... Pretorius, Isak S

The practices of synthetic biology are being integrated into 'multiscale' designs enabling two-way communication across organic and inorganic information substrates in biological, digital and...

Publication 01/01/2021

High-throughput screening for high-efficiency small-molecule biosynthesis

Metabolic Engineering

Rienzo, Matthew... Leavell, Michael D

Systems metabolic engineering faces the formidable task of rewiring microbial metabolism to cost-effectively generate high-value molecules from a variety of inexpensive feedstocks for many...

Publication 04/01/2020

High-throughput screening for improved microbial cell factories, perspective and promise

Current opinion in biotechnology

Leavell, Michael D... Kaufmann-Malaga, Benjamin B

High-throughput screening is a critical part of any industrial strain engineering effort, helping ensure the lowest cost product is produced in the shortest amount...

Publication 10/06/2016

Microfluidic Cell Sorting and Separation Technology

Microsystems and Nanosystems

Lee, Wonhee... Di Carlo, Dino

Cell sorting and separation is widely used as a critical first step for research and clinical applications where it is needed to isolate individual...