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Publication 05/19/2020

Determination of Dielectric Properties of Cells using AC Electrokinetic-based Microfluidic Platform: A Review of Recent Advances


Liang, W... Liu, L

Cell dielectric properties, a type of intrinsic property of cells, can be used as electrophysiological biomarkers that offer a label-free way to characterize cell...

Publication 04/01/2020

High-throughput screening for improved microbial cell factories, perspective and promise

Current opinion in biotechnology

Leavell, Michael D... Kaufmann-Malaga, Benjamin B

High-throughput screening is a critical part of any industrial strain engineering effort, helping ensure the lowest cost product is produced in the shortest amount...

Publication 02/01/2020

Methods for Estimating the Probability of Clonality in Cell Line Development

Biotechnology Journal

Chen, Chun, C... Goudar, Chetan T, CT

Mammalian cell banks for biopharmaceutical production are usually derived from a single progenitor cell. Different methods to estimate the probability that the cell banks...

Publication 01/10/2020

A Review on Optoelectrokinetics-Based Manipulation and Fabrication of Micro/Nanomaterials


Liang, Wenfeng... Yang, Wenguang

Optoelectrokinetics (OEK), a fusion of optics, electrokinetics, and microfluidics, has been demonstrated to offer a series of extraordinary advantages in the manipulation and fabrication...

Publication 11/23/2019

Taking Cell Lines to the Bank

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

Kathy Liszewski

In biopharmaceutical development, master cell banks reward those who invest in cell line optimization Cell line development is preparing to let go of its...

Publication 11/06/2019

TCR validation toward gene therapy for cancer

Methods in Enzymology

Green, Edward W... Platten, Michael

The speed of T cell receptor (TCR) discovery has been revolutionized by barcode-based TCR sequencing approaches that allow the reconstitution of a T cell's...

Publication 11/06/2019

High-throughput discovery of cancer-targeting TCRs

Methods in Enzymology

Bunse, Lukas... Platten, Michael

The high-throughput discovery of T cell receptors (TCR) enables us to follow the longitudinal course of tumor disease, to monitor immunotherapy-related repertoire alterations, and...

Publication 07/01/2019

Optoelectronic Tweezers – An Optofluidic Platform for Digital Cell Biology

2019 International Conference on Optical MEMS and Nanophotonics (OMN)

Wu, Ming C

Optoelectronic tweezers enables massively parallel screening, sorting, selection, cloning, culturing, functional-assaying and harvesting of tens of thousands of single cells on an integrated optofluidic...

Publication 07/01/2019

Achieving Unique Synergies in Antibody Expression

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

Kravitz, R... Bleck, G;


Publication 06/12/2019

Single-Cell Protein Secretion Detection and Profiling

Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry

Chen, Z;Chen, JJ;Fan, R

Secreted proteins play important roles in mediating various biological processes such as cell-cell communication, differentiation, migration, and homeostasis at the population or tissue level....

Publication 06/11/2019

Rapid single B cell antibody discovery using nanopens and structured light


Winters, Aaron... King, Chadwick T

Accelerated development of monoclonal antibody (mAb) tool reagents is an essential requirement for the successful advancement of therapeutic antibodies in today's fast-paced and competitive...

Publication 02/01/2019

Enabling drug discovery and development through single-cell imaging

Expert Opinion on Drug Discovery

Pomerantz, AK... Krucker, T

Single-cell imaging-based assays are an area of active and growing investment in drug discovery and development. This approach offers researchers the capability to interrogate...

Publication 02/01/2019

Enabling drug discovery and development through single-cell imaging

Expert opinion on drug discovery

Pomerantz, Andrea K... Krucker, Thomas

Single-cell imaging-based assays are an area of active and growing investment in drug discovery and development. This approach offers researchers the capability to interrogate...

Publication 01/01/2019

Assuring Clonality on the Beacon Digital Cell Line Development Platform

Biotechnology Journal

Le, Kim, K... Stevens, Jennitte, J

During biomanufacturing cell lines development, the generation and screening for single-cell derived subclones using methods that enable assurance of clonal derivation can be resource-...

Publication 10/31/2018

Multiparameter cell characterization using nanofluidic technology facilitates real-time phenotypic and genotypic elucidation of intratumor heterogeneity


Beaumont, K... Sebra, R

Genetic and functional complexity of bulk tumor has become evident through rapid advances in sequencing technologies. As a unique integrated approach to characterizing tumor...

Publication 07/16/2018

A novel mammalian cell line development platform utilizing nanofluidics and optoelectro positioning technology

Biotechnology Progress

Le, Kim... Munro Trent

Generating a highly productive cell line is resource intensive and typically involves long timelines because of the need to screen large numbers of candidates...

Publication 05/11/2018

Using nanoscale bioreactors to characterize sub-populations of CHO clones and screen transfected pools

ECI Digital Archives

Nevill, Tanner... Elms, Phillip

Traditional means to quantify growth and production rates for antibody-expressing CHO lines involve sampling aliquots and supernatants from well plates that have been seeded...

Publication 05/11/2018

Interrogating cell culture populations for the selection of production cell lines using microfluidic culturing, single cell analysis, and predictive modelling

ECI Digital Archives

Le, Kim... Yaghmour, Sam

Cell line development for manufacturing is a lengthy, multi-step, resource intensive, critical path activity. Attempts to perform in silico modelling and prediction of cell...