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Publication 05/03/2018

Light-activated cell identification and sorting (LACIS) for selection of edited clones on a nanofluidic device

Communications Biology

Mocciaro, Annamaria... Lavieu, Gregory

Despite improvements in the CRISPR molecular toolbox, identifying and purifying properly edited clones remains slow, laborious, and low-yield. Here, we establish a method to...

Publication 05/01/2018

Multiparameter Single Cell Characterization of Ovarian Intratumor Heterogeneity

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Beaumont, K;Copperman... E;Sebra, R

INTRODUCTION: Rapid advances in single-cell and deep sequencing technologies has revealed the genetic and functional complexity of bulk tumor tissue, particularly with regard to...

Publication 01/01/2018

Acoustofluidic Innovations for Cellular Processing On-Chip


Ohiri, KA

The advent of increasingly proficient cell handling tools has led to a drastic maturation of our understanding of life on the microscale. Thus far,...

Publication 09/21/2017

Enabling next-generation cell line development using continuous perfusion and nanofluidic technologies (Abstract Only)

ECI Digital Archives

Goudar, Chetan... Munro, Trent

The manufacturing process for a biologic begins with establishing a clonally derived, stable production cell line. Generating a highly productive cell line is time...

Publication 10/06/2016

Microfluidic Cell Sorting and Separation Technology

Microsystems and Nanosystems

Lee, Wonhee... Di Carlo, Dino

Cell sorting and separation is widely used as a critical first step for research and clinical applications where it is needed to isolate individual...