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Publication 05/11/2018

Using nanoscale bioreactors to characterize sub-populations of CHO clones and screen transfected pools

ECI Digital Archives

Nevill, Tanner... Elms, Phillip

Traditional means to quantify growth and production rates for antibody-expressing CHO lines involve sampling aliquots and supernatants from well plates that have been seeded...

Publication 05/11/2018

Interrogating cell culture populations for the selection of production cell lines using microfluidic culturing, single cell analysis, and predictive modelling

ECI Digital Archives

Le, Kim... Yaghmour, Sam

Cell line development for manufacturing is a lengthy, multi-step, resource intensive, critical path activity. Attempts to perform in silico modelling and prediction of cell...

Publication 05/03/2018

Light-activated cell identification and sorting (LACIS) for selection of edited clones on a nanofluidic device

Communications Biology

Mocciaro, Annamaria... Lavieu, Gregory

Despite improvements in the CRISPR molecular toolbox, identifying and purifying properly edited clones remains slow, laborious, and low-yield. Here, we establish a method to...

Publication 05/01/2018

Multiparameter Single Cell Characterization of Ovarian Intratumor Heterogeneity

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Beaumont, K;Copperman... E;Sebra, R

INTRODUCTION: Rapid advances in single-cell and deep sequencing technologies has revealed the genetic and functional complexity of bulk tumor tissue, particularly with regard to...

Publication 01/01/2018

Acoustofluidic Innovations for Cellular Processing On-Chip


Ohiri, KA

The advent of increasingly proficient cell handling tools has led to a drastic maturation of our understanding of life on the microscale. Thus far,...

Publication 09/21/2017

Enabling next-generation cell line development using continuous perfusion and nanofluidic technologies (Abstract Only)

ECI Digital Archives

Goudar, Chetan... Munro, Trent

The manufacturing process for a biologic begins with establishing a clonally derived, stable production cell line. Generating a highly productive cell line is time...

Publication 10/06/2016

Microfluidic Cell Sorting and Separation Technology

Microsystems and Nanosystems

Lee, Wonhee... Di Carlo, Dino

Cell sorting and separation is widely used as a critical first step for research and clinical applications where it is needed to isolate individual...