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Webinar: The New OptoSeq™ Kit – Linking Precious Cell Phenotype to Genotype

Watch this on-demand webinar from Dr. Jason McEwen, our Associate Director of Biology, as he walks you through how our OptoSeq™ Single Cell 3′ mRNA Library Kit will empower you to link differential gene expression data to single precious cells.

Beacon System Lightning System

Datasheet: OptoSeq™ Single Cell 3′ mRNA Library Kit

Overview of the OptoSeq kit and workflow.

Beacon System Lightning System

Poster: Linking Phenotypic Data to Gene Expression Using the OptoSeq™ Single Cell 3′ mRNA Library Kit

Find out how the OptoSeq™ Single Cell 3′ mRNA Library Kit workflow enables automated, on-chip, bead-based capture of mRNA for reverse transcription, bar-coding, export and direct preparation for NGS.

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Brochure: Cell Therapy Development

The Opto™ Cell Therapy Development 1.0 Workflow accelerates the creation of better therapeutics by enabling multiple functional assays to be performed on 1000s of individual T cells in a matter of days. Deeply characterize, profile, and map your T cell populations at the single-cell level to directly link behavior to gene expression.

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Datasheet: Culture Station

Learn how you can increase scope, scale, and throughput of workflows run on the Beacon and Lightning platforms.

Beacon System

Brochure: Beacon System

Discover how the Beacon system shortens timelines, simplifies workflows and reveals detailed data through deep profiling.