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Lightning System

T Cell Profiling Beacon System Lightning System

BROCHURE: Comprehensive Single T Cell Profiling

Polyfunctionality and cytotoxicity with recovery of live T cells from an integrated platform.

Beacon System Lightning System

Datasheet: BLI Software Suite 2.4

Berkeley Lights Software Suite 2.4 upgrade is loaded with customer-requested features that focus on reduced touchpoints and more intuitive data analysis.

Beacon System Lightning System

Datasheet: Adherent Cell Kit

Learn more about how the Adherent Cell Kit enables the isolation, growth, monitoring and recovery of adherent cells on the Beacon® and Lightning™ Optofluidic systems.

T Cell Profiling Lightning System

Webinar: Characterizing T Cell Functionality on the Berkeley Lights Lightning Platform

Hear from Dr. Anthony Zamora, Assistant Professor at Medical College of Wisconsin, discusses how the Lightning system enables rapid functional characterization of T cells and allows for thousands of single cells to be isolated, cultured, assayed, and exported for further analysis.

Lightning System

App Note: Rapid Single-Cell Cloning and Screening to Identify Superior Reporter Cell Lines Using the Lightning™ Optofluidic System

Read this application note to learn more about how to screen reporter cell lines at the single-cell level in only 3 days.

Lightning System

App Note: Real-Time Monitoring of Chemical and Biological Induction of Apoptosis on Clonal Cells Using the Lightning™ System

Read this application note to learn more about observing apoptosis at the single-cell level across 1,000 clonal cells.

T Cell Profiling Lightning System

Brochure: Lightning System

Find out how the Lightning platform lets you visualize diverse cell interactions, measure individual cell cytotoxicity, and recover cells of interest alive.

Beacon System Lightning System

Datasheet: Cell Analysis Suite (CAS™) 2.1 Software

Review our premier software, its key applications, and the features exclusive to the 2.1 upgrade.

Beacon System Lightning System

Datasheet: OptoSeq™ Single Cell 3′ mRNA Kit

Learn how to directly link phenotype to gene expression of live, single cells using unique, barcoded beads.

Beacon System Lightning System Culture Station System

Datasheet: Culture Station

Learn how you can increase scope, scale, and throughput of workflows run on the Beacon and Lightning platforms.