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Antibody Discovery

Brochure: Antibody Discovery

Find out how Opto™ Plasma B Discovery using the Beacon® optofluidic system accelerates lead molecule discovery against difficult targets.

Cell Line Development

App Note: FDA-Accepted Monoclonality Assurance on the Beacon® Optofluidic System for Cell Line Development

Learn how the Beacon system’s superior cloning technology, automated imaging capabilities, and in-process quality controls provide definitive evidence of monoclonality to support regulatory approvals.

Antibody Discovery

Datasheet: Opto™ Plasma B Discovery 4.0

Review workflow overview and representative results.

Antibody Discovery

Product Tour: The Opto™ Plasma B Discovery 4.0 Workflow

Antibody expert, Anupam Singhal, PhD, does a 10-minute walkthrough of how the Opto™ Plasma B Discover workflow makes it possible to accelerate lead molecule discovery against difficult targets.

Antibody Discovery

Webinar: A Beacon for Rapid Antibody Discovery against Difficult Targets

Panelists from Genovac, will present case studies of how they have leveraged their core genetic immunization technology and the Beacon optofluidic system to rapidly discover antibodies against challenging targets, such as GPCRs, from a variety of different animal species.

Cell Therapy Development

Datasheet: The Opto™ Antigen Presenting Bead Kit

Learn more about the Opto™ Antigen Presenting Bead (Opto™ APB) Kit, its key applications, and how it benefits your cell therapy development workflows by efficiently expanding more antigen-specific T cells than dendritic cells.

Cell Therapy Development

Application Note: Unravel the Complexity of Single Natural Killer Cell Cytotoxicity and ADCC Mediation

Explore how the Cytotoxicity Assay can be used to characterize and better understand NK cells in the pursuit of more efficacious cell therapies.

Antibody Discovery

Application Note: Rapid High-Resolution Screening of Plasma B Cells to Identify Antibody Lead Candidates

Explore case studies for the rapid discovery of antibodies against challenging targets.

Cell Therapy Development

Brochure: Cell Therapy Development

From expanding rare, antigen-specific T cells to fully characterizing them, learn how our capabilities are making cell therapy development more efficient.

Antibody Discovery

Customer Spotlight: Abveris on Antibody Discovery

Find out how Abveris is transforming their antibody discovery processes with the Beacon® optofluidic system.

Beacon System

Brochure: Beacon System

Discover how the Beacon system shortens timelines, simplifies workflows and reveals detailed data through deep profiling.

Cell Therapy Development

Poster: Antigen Validation using Berkeley Lights Opto™ Antigen Presenting Bead Kit

Explore the data from the Opto Antigen Presenting Bead Kit and its ability to relieve a critical bottleneck in the tumor antigen discovery process.

Cell Therapy Development

Application Note: Multidimensional Analysis of T Cell Cytotoxicity and Serial Killing Using the Opto™ Cell Therapy Development Workflow

Learn how to use multiple assays on single T cells to finally understand critical functions, such as serial killing, and how they relate to each other.

Cell Line Development

Brochure: Cell Line Development

Find out how the Opto™ CLD workflow lets you generate the best production cell lines for complex antibody therapeutics with >99% monoclonality assurance in just days.

Cell Therapy Development

Application Note: Identify and Select Optimal CAR T Cell Phenotypes with the Opto™ Cell Therapy Development Workflow

Learn how to combine the T Cell Proliferation Assay with either the Multiplex Cytokine Assay or Cytotoxicity Assay to find your most persistent T cells.

Antibody Discovery Cell Line Development

Customer Spotlight: Amgen on AbD and CLD

Find out how Amgen is transforming their antibody discovery and clonal cell line processes with the Berkeley Lights Platform.

Cell Line Development

Fireside Chat: Every Day Matters – Optimizing COVID-19 Therapies for Manufacturing

Dr. James Rothman, Nobel Laureate hosts an in-depth discussion with distinguished guests, Dr. Jennitte Stevens from Amgen, Dr. Gregory Bleck from Catalent-Biologics, and Dr. Trent Munro from the University of Queensland on fast-tracking the development of therapeutic antibodies and vaccines for SARS-CoV-2.

Cell Therapy Development

Webinar: Expand and Rapidly Validate Antigen-Specific Function of T Cells Using Fewer Cells

Yelena Bronevetsky, PhD, lays out the current challenges in tumor antigen discovery and how our Opto™ Antigen Presenting Bead Kit helps scientists overcome them.