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Antibody Discovery

Application Note: Rapid Selection of Antibodies Against Membrane Targets using Cell-Binding Assays and the Opto™ Plasma B Discovery

Find out how the Opto Plasma B Discovery workflow simplifies and dramatically reduces the time needed to down-select potential lead candidates, even for difficult membrane proteins.

Antibody Discovery

Application Note: Rapidly Discover and Select Potent Ligand/ Receptor Blocking Antibody Lead Candidates with Opto™ Plasma B Discovery

Discover how you can maximize hit recovery and rapidly down-select blocking antibodies from plasma B cells in a single day.

Antibody Discovery

Application Note: Accessing Greater Antibody Sequence Diversity

See how you can discover >5,000 antigen-specific hits from a single plasma B cell sample and recover >650 unique BCR sequences in under 1 week.

Antibody Discovery

Poster: Rapid Discovery of Therapeutic Antibodies for SARS-CoV-2

Find out how B Cell Antibody Discovery on the Beacon system can be used to rapidly screen human B cell to discover antibodies against difficult targets such as viruses.

Cell Therapy Development

Datasheet: TCRseq Well Plate Kit

Review assay overview and results for recovering and amplifying T cell receptor alpha and beta chains.

Beacon System Lightning System Culture Station System

Datasheet: Culture Station

Learn how you can increase scope, scale, and throughput of workflows run on the Beacon and Lightning platforms.

Cell Therapy Development

Application Note: Directly Link T Cell Phenotype and Function to Genotype with the Opto Cell Therapy Development 1.0 Workflow

Review use cases for CAR-T cell screening and TCR discovery. 

Antibody Discovery

Poster: Plasma B Cell Cloning

Berkeley Lights and ChemPartner provide a case study in accelerated discovery of unique Anti-PD-L1 antibodies from spleen versus bone marrow of immunized mice, via single plasma B cell cloning on the Beacon platform.

Cell Therapy Development

Poster: T Cell Functional Analytics on the Lightning Platform

See how you can rapidly visualize and analyze thousands of cell-cell interactions in a single-day workflow with live cell recovery.

Antibody Discovery

Webinar: Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics Digital Week 2019

Learn about accelerating target-to-lead antibody candidate selection with the Beacon platform in this Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics Digital Week 2019 webinar.

Cell Line Development

Cell Line Development Webinar: Digital Week 2019

Learn about improved and expedited cell line development on the Beacon platform from Biogen’s Rachel Ferguson.

Cell Therapy Development Lightning System

Brochure: Lightning System

Find out how the Lightning platform lets you visualize diverse cell interactions, measure individual cell cytotoxicity, and recover cells of interest alive.

Cell Line Development

Brochure: Cell Line Development

Find out how the Opto™ CLD workflow lets you generate the best production cell lines for complex antibody therapeutics with >99% monoclonality assurance in just days.

Cell Therapy Development

Poster: T Cell Functional Analytics

This poster describes in detail how to sequence and clone IDH1 R132H targeted monoclonal T cell receptors from CD4+ T cells, using the Beacon system.

Cell Line Development

Webinar: BPI Digital Week 2018

Watch a 1-hour webinar from the 2018 BioProcess International Digital Week titled, “Implementing the Beacon Platform for the Next Generation of Cell Line Development,” featuring scientists from Berkeley Lights and Catalent Biologics.

Antibody Discovery

Brochure: Antibody Discovery

This 4-page brochure explains how the Beacon platform removes tedious steps from the Antibody Discovery workflow and automates phenotype and genotype screening.

Antibody Discovery

Antibody Discovery Webinar: Digital Week 2018

Watch a 1-hour webinar from the 2018 Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics Digital Week titled, “Emerging Technologies for Finding Rare Antibodies,” featuring scientists from Berkeley Lights and Teva Pharmaceuticals.

Antibody Discovery

Poster: Rapid Antibody Discovery on the Beacon System

This poster developed by Berkeley Lights and Pfizer demonstrates rapid antibody discovery on the Beacon platform, showing how it can rapidly isolate and screen thousands of primary ASCs in a single day.