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Cell Therapy Development

Brochure: Cell Therapy Development

From expanding rare, antigen-specific T cells to fully characterizing them, learn how our capabilities are making cell therapy development more efficient.

Cell Line Development

Poster: Rapid Generation of Production Cell Lines with Superior Titers and >99% Monoclonality for Complex Antibody Molecules

See how the Opto CLD 2.0 Workflow enables rapid generation of cell lines secreting antibodies for both traditional and non-traditional antibodies while acquiring a superior data package.

Beacon System Lightning System

Poster: Linking Phenotypic Data to Gene Expression Using the OptoSeq™ Single Cell 3′ mRNA Library Kit

Find out how the OptoSeq™ Single Cell 3′ mRNA Library Kit workflow enables automated, on-chip, bead-based capture of mRNA for reverse transcription, bar-coding, export and direct preparation for NGS.

Cell Therapy Development

Application Note: Profile and Recover Polyfunctional T Cells Using Multiplexed Cytokine Secretion Assays

Learn how you can easily profile multiple secreted cytokines from live T cells and multiplex with other functional assays.

Antibody Discovery

Webinar: Antibody Discovery – Select Better Lead Candidates in Under 1 Week

Learn how we enable lead candidate down-selection in 1 day by performing functional characterization during primary screening. Case studies highlight how our customers are dramatically accelerating development of next-generation antibody therapeutics.

Cell Line Development

Datasheet: Opto™ CLD 2.0 Workflow

Overview of the Opto CLD 2.0 workflow and representative results. 

Beacon System Lightning System

Datasheet: OptoSeq™ Single Cell 3′ mRNA Library Kit

Overview of the OptoSeq kit and workflow.

Cell Therapy Development

Datasheet: Cytotoxicity Assay

Learn how to track the kinetics of T cell-tumor cell killing behavior in real time.

Cell Therapy Development

Datasheet: Single Cell Cytokine Assays

Review assay overview and results for measuring the release of up to three cytokines from T cells.

Antibody Discovery

Webinar: Accelerating Antibody Discovery in the Modern Therapeutic Landscape

Learn how antibody discovery is changing in today’s therapeutic space. Case studies presented by Abveris highlight accelerated development of next-generation antibody therapeutics.

Beacon System

Brochure: Beacon System

Discover how the Beacon system shortens timelines, simplifies workflows and reveals detailed data through deep profiling.

Antibody Discovery

Application Note: Rapid Selection of Antibodies Against Membrane Targets using Cell-Binding Assays and the Opto™ Plasma B Discovery

Find out how the Opto Plasma B Discovery workflow simplifies and dramatically reduces the time needed to down-select potential lead candidates, even for difficult membrane proteins.

Antibody Discovery

Application Note: Rapidly Discover and Select Potent Ligand/ Receptor Blocking Antibody Lead Candidates with Opto™ Plasma B Discovery

Discover how you can maximize hit recovery and rapidly down-select blocking antibodies from plasma B cells in a single day.

Antibody Discovery

Application Note: Accessing Greater Antibody Sequence Diversity

See how you can discover >5,000 antigen-specific hits from a single plasma B cell sample and recover >650 unique BCR sequences in under 1 week.

Antibody Discovery

Poster: Rapid Discovery of Therapeutic Antibodies for SARS-CoV-2

Find out how B Cell Antibody Discovery on the Beacon system can be used to rapidly screen human B cell to discover antibodies against difficult targets such as viruses.

Cell Therapy Development

Datasheet: TCRseq Well Plate Kit

Review assay overview and results for recovering and amplifying T cell receptor alpha and beta chains.

Beacon System Lightning System Culture Station System

Datasheet: Culture Station

Learn how you can increase scope, scale, and throughput of workflows run on the Beacon and Lightning platforms.

Cell Therapy Development

Application Note: Directly Link T Cell Phenotype and Function to Genotype with the Opto Cell Therapy Development 1.0 Workflow

Review use cases for CAR-T cell screening and TCR discovery.