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Cell Line Development

Brochure: Get to Market Faster with the Opto CLD Workflow

Find out how the Opto CLD workflow sets a new standard for quality, capacity, and speed in cell line development to let BioPharma get more molecules to the clinic faster. 

Cell Line Development

Brochure: Increase CDMO Revenue with the Opto CLD Workflow

Find our how the Opto CLD workflow sets a new standard for quality, capacity, and speed in cell line development and allows CDMOs to scale operations and drive new business. 

Cell Line Development

Webinar: Leveraging Innovative Technologies to Accelerate Biologics Development

At the 2021 BPS EU virtual conference, Beacon user Joaquina Mascarenhas, PhD, at Thermo Fisher Scientific shares how the Berkeley Lights Platform enables their cell line development to move at world class speed and select the best clones.

Cell Therapy Development Lightning System

Webinar: Characterizing T Cell Functionality on the Berkeley Lights Lightning Platform

Hear from Dr. Anthony Zamora, Assistant Professor at Medical College of Wisconsin, discusses how the Lightning system enables rapid functional characterization of T cells and allows for thousands of single cells to be isolated, cultured, assayed, and exported for further analysis.

Antibody Discovery

Webinar: Looking to the Future: What’s next in Antibody Therapeutics

At the 2021 AE&T EU conference, Tracey Mullens, CEO of Abveris, and Brian Walters, CEO of Genovac, joined John Proctor, SVP Antibody Therapeutics, for a discussion about the evolving landscape of antibody therapeutics, the technologies they have turned to address today’s complex targets, and how they are preparing for tomorrow’s challenges.

Antibody Discovery Cell Line Development

Webinar: Accelerating Discovery and Development of Antibody Therapeutics

Hear from BLI experts Renee Tobias and Anupam Singhal about the unique benefits to leveraging a single platform for both the identification of promising candidates and the production of leading therapeutic molecules.

Lightning System

App Note: Rapid Single-Cell Cloning and Screening to Identify Superior Reporter Cell Lines Using the Lightning™ Optofluidic System

Read this application note to learn more about how to screen reporter cell lines at the single-cell level in only 3 days.

Lightning System

App Note: Real-Time Monitoring of Chemical and Biological Induction of Apoptosis on Clonal Cells Using the Lightning™ System

Read this application note to learn more about observing apoptosis at the single-cell level across 1,000 clonal cells.

Antibody Discovery

Datasheet: Opto™ Plasma B Discovery 4.0

Review workflow overview and representative results.

Cell Therapy Development

Poster: Multi-omic Analysis for Directly Linking T Cell Phenotype to Gene Expression

Find out how the OptoSeq™ Single Cell 3′ mRNA kit workflow enables automated, on-chip, bead-based capture of mRNA for reverse transcription to directly link phenotype to gene expression.

Cell Therapy Development

Webinar: Multi-omic Profiling of T Cells Using the OptoSeq™ Single Cell 3′ mRNA Library Kit

Watch this on-demand webinar from Dr. Jason McEwen, our Associate Director of Biology, as he walks you through how our OptoSeq™ Single Cell 3′ mRNA Library Kit will empower you to link differential gene expression data to single precious cells.

Cell Therapy Development

App Note: Perform Multi-omic Analysis to Directly Link T Cell Polyfunctionality to Gene Expression

Download this application note to learn about designing effective therapeutics by directly linking phenotype to gene expression using the OptoSeq™ Single Cell 3ʹ mRNA kit in the Opto™ Cell Therapy Development workflow.

Antibody Discovery

App Note: Discover Lead Molecules Against Difficult Targets Inaccessible by Hybridoma Methods

Download this application note to learn about how the Opto™ Plasma B Discovery workflow increases hit recovery for difficult membrane-bound targets and provides access to greater sequence diversity when compared to traditional hybridoma methods.

Cell Line Development

App Note: FDA-Accepted Monoclonality Assurance on the Beacon® Optofluidic System for Cell Line Development

Learn how the Beacon system’s superior cloning technology, automated imaging capabilities, and in-process quality controls provide definitive evidence of monoclonality to support regulatory approvals.

Antibody Discovery

Product Tour: The Opto™ Plasma B Discovery 4.0 Workflow

Antibody expert, Anupam Singhal, PhD, does a 10-minute walkthrough of how the Opto™ Plasma B Discover workflow makes it possible to accelerate lead molecule discovery against difficult targets.

Cell Line Development

Webinar: Get More Molecules to The Clinic Faster

Watch our presentation from BPI Digital Week, hosted by Renee Tobias, to hear how our customers are using the Opto™ CLD workflow to find the best cell lines with the most confident monoclonality in just a few day and de-risk their path to IND faster.

Antibody Discovery

Webinar: Tackle Difficult Targets by Accessing Broad B Cell Diversity

Watch our presentation at AE&T Digital Week, hosted with Genovac, to hear how the Beacon system is making it possible to find 10 times more lead candidates than hybridoma in just days.

Antibody Discovery

Webinar: A Beacon for Rapid Antibody Discovery against Difficult Targets

Panelists from Genovac, will present case studies of how they have leveraged their core genetic immunization technology and the Beacon optofluidic system to rapidly discover antibodies against challenging targets, such as GPCRs, from a variety of different animal species.