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Cell Therapy Development

Application Note: Multidimensional Analysis of T Cell Cytotoxicity and Serial Killing Using the Opto™ Cell Therapy Development Workflow

Learn how to use multiple assays on single T cells to finally understand critical functions, such as serial killing, and how they relate to each other.

Cell Therapy Development

Application Note: Identify and Select Optimal CAR T Cell Phenotypes with the Opto™ Cell Therapy Development Workflow

Learn how to combine the T Cell Proliferation Assay with either the Multiplex Cytokine Assay or Cytotoxicity Assay to find your most persistent T cells.

Antibody Discovery Cell Line Development

Customer Spotlight: Amgen on AbD and CLD

Find out how Amgen is transforming their antibody discovery and clonal cell line processes with the Berkeley Lights Platform.

Cell Line Development

Fireside Chat: Every Day Matters – Optimizing COVID-19 Therapies for Manufacturing

Dr. James Rothman, Nobel Laureate hosts an in-depth discussion with distinguished guests, Dr. Jennitte Stevens from Amgen, Dr. Gregory Bleck from Catalent-Biologics, and Dr. Trent Munro from the University of Queensland on fast-tracking the development of therapeutic antibodies and vaccines for SARS-CoV-2.

Cell Therapy Development

Webinar: Expand and Rapidly Validate Antigen-Specific Function of T Cells Using Fewer Cells

Yelena Bronevetsky, PhD, lays out the current challenges in tumor antigen discovery and how our Opto™ Antigen Presenting Bead Kit helps scientists overcome them.

Antibody Discovery

Application Note: Rapid Discovery of Therapeutic Antibodies for the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic Virus Using the Opto Viral Neutralization 1.0 Workflow

Learn how to use blocking and binding assays and the Opto Viral Neutralization 1.0 workflow to identify cross-reactive antibodies that may have broad neutralization capacity across the coronavirus family.

Cell Line Development

Customer Spotlight: Catalent on CLD

Find out how Catalent Biologics is able to select significantly higher expressing clonal cell lines with the Opto CLD workflow.

Cell Therapy Development

Product Tour: The Opto™ Cell Therapy Development Workflow

Guided by T cell expert, Yelena Bronevetsky, PhD, get a deeper look at how the Opto™ Cell Therapy Development workflow can be used to validate, expand, and fully characterize over a 1,000 T cells.

Cell Therapy Development Lightning System

Brochure: Lightning System

Find out how the Lightning platform lets you visualize diverse cell interactions, measure individual cell cytotoxicity, and recover cells of interest alive.

Antibody Discovery

Webinar: Rapid Discovery of a Diverse Panel of Antibodies Against Membrane Targets Using the Beacon System

Dr. Shireen Khan presents a case study on how ChemPartner has leveraged the Beacon system to rapidly discover cross-reactive antibodies against the GPI-anchored uPA receptor.

Antibody Discovery

Webinar: Rapid Discovery of Functional Antibodies for SARS-CoV-2 Using the Beacon System

Robert Carnahan, PhD, and Seth Zost, PhD, from the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, describe how they have used the Beacon platform, to rapidly discover hundreds of unique antibodies against SARS-CoV-2.

Antibody Discovery

SynBioBeta Live Roundtable: Can Humanity Build a Global Antibody Defense Barrier Against Future Pandemics?

Listen to the world’s leading experts on antibody discovery to discuss how we can build a global defensive barrier to find new therapeutic antibodies against the coronavirus and future pathogens.

Beacon System Lightning System

Datasheet: Cell Analysis Suite (CAS™) 2.1 Software

Review our premier software, its key applications, and the features exclusive to the 2.1 upgrade.

Cell Therapy Development

Webinar: How Pediatric Immune Systems Empower Cancer Immunotherapy

Dr. David Barrett shares insights into why children’s T cells help CAR-T cells succeed and discusses how the Opto Cell Therapy Development Workflow can provide the detailed characterization required to develop more efficacious therapies.

Cell Line Development

Product Tour: The Opto™ CLD Workflow

Antibody expert, Anupam Singhal, PhD, does a 10-minute walkthrough of how the Opto™ CLD workflow makes it possible to produce superior cell lines, with >99% monoclonality assurance, in a matter of days.

Cell Therapy Development

Application Note: Profile and Recover Polyfunctional T Cells Using Multiplexed Cytokine Secretion Assays

Learn how you can easily profile multiple secreted cytokines from live T cells and multiplex with other functional assays.

Antibody Discovery

Datasheet: Opto Plasma B Discovery 2.0 Workflow

Review workflow overview and representative results.

Cell Line Development

Poster: Rapid Generation of Production Cell Lines with Superior Titers and >99% Monoclonality for Complex Antibody Molecules

See how the Opto CLD 2.0 Workflow enables rapid generation of cell lines secreting antibodies for both traditional and non-traditional antibodies while acquiring a superior data package.