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Increase throughput with automated pre-enrichment​​

Dual fluorescent surface staining with Annexin V and an antibody detection reagent enables automated selective penning of cells expressing your target antibody into NanoPen™ chambers. Staining, imaging, and sorting with OEP™ technology is gentle on cells, and the precisely controlled, low-volume chamber environments ensure reliable expansion of clones. Multiple pools can be loaded on a single chip, with demonstrated capacity of up to 12 pools per workflow.​​


Find rare, high-yield clones in record time

Selective Cell Cloning and the Opto™ CLD workflow lets you screen up to 100,000 cells in a single 5-day workflow, assuring access to more relevant cell diversity than conventional methods for cell line development. This new capability gently enriches your transfected pools by identifying and cloning only cells that are viable and express your protein of interest. With Selective Cell Cloning, you can eliminate weeks of mini-pool processing by enabling deeper screening of bulk stable pools.

Bring forward only the best cells​

Selective Cell Cloning allows for visual identification and confirmation of antibody expression so that the best cells are selected, cloned, and scaled up.​

Day 1 – Penned cells stain negative for apoptosis and positive for antibody expression​

Brightfield  Brightfield

Annexin V  Annexin V

α-Kappa​  α-Kappa​

Day 5 – The same cells have successfully expanded and are secreting product​

Brightfield  Brightfield

SpotLight Secretion Assay  SpotLight™ Secretion Assay

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