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Fast, powerful workflow for antibody discovery

Reduce AbD timelines and downstream costs by screening B cells for function in a single day and taking only the best candidates forward.

Antibody Discovery Workflow

Screen thousands of clones in parallel and select top clones for even non-traditional antibody molecules, like bispecifics.

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    Colby A. Souders, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer
    The main reason why we employ the Beacon® system here at Abveris is to enable deep characterization of single B cells in multiple sequential assays. Its design allows for precise control over the movement of cells, leaving you with the ultimate flexibility in assay design and, as a result, higher screening resolution.

Enabling simple yet powerful AbD workflows

The Beacon Select for AbD system enables game changing process improvements for simultaneous incubation and screening of thousands of clones on a chip

AbD workflows find winners quickly and flexibly

Functionally screen tens of thousands of B cells on a chip simultaneously.

PhenomeX AbD Assays

Customize your assays to find your best antibodies

Assays for soluble and membrane-bound targets can be customized and run sequentially and/or in multiplex with Opto B Discovery on Beacon Select. Leverage multiple fluorophores, detection molecules, and your available antigens to screen B cells in minutes to hours, not months.

Opto BCR Rapid Re-expression

Beacon technology

At the core of the Beacon Select system is a combination of optics and nanofluidics called optofluidics

The OptoSelect® chips replace typical well plates. Each OptoSelect chip contains thousands of NanoPen® chambers, which are like wells on a microplate. This is where cells are deposited, where they grow and where they are characterized using a myriad of proprietary PhenomeX assays.

Beacon Workflow Modules

Screening thousands of cells is an automated process on the Beacon system with our four workflow modules: Import, Culture, Assay and Export. These modules can be adapted, interchanged and deployed with a variety of single-cell assays to address specific applications and a variety of cell types.


Our software automatically identifies single cells and directs them into NanoPen chambers all at once. Chips are loaded with cells in less than 30 minutes.


As cells proliferate, nutrients diffuse in, waste diffuses out, and software images the chip continuously to count cells and calculate growth rate.


Test individual cells immediately and repeatedly in our NanoPen® chambers, instead of culturing for weeks to reach a minimum number of cells for assay.


Choose your cells of interest. Light patterns move them into position for export to a well plate.

Recover lead molecules, not just sequences

Re-express >1,000 antibodies in 1 week without gene synthesis and cloning.

Opto BCR Rapid Re-expression

The Opto BCR Rapid Re-expression kit converts antibody sequences into molecules in just 1 week for plate-based confirmation assays. Amplified cDNA is cloned into expression constructs in one step, enabling expression of >1,000 antibodies for rapid functional confirmation.

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