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Beacon Select™ System - Single Platform for CLD

Why use 4 separate instruments for CLD when a single Beacon® system provides the same capabilities with just 4 FTE hours and up to a 50% reduction in timeline?

The Beacon Select is a single integrated platform that fits in the corner of your lab and automates single cell cloning, as well as growth, productivity and quality screening. With 52% cloning efficiency and >99% monoclonality assurance, as reported in this publication – Assuring Clonality on the Beacon Digital Cell Line Development Platform.

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Beacon Select™ System Features

Perform high-throughput cloning, screening and selection of top performing CHO cell lines in just days using the Opto® CLD workflow

In addition, the Opto® Assure quality assays enable users to select clones with favorable product quality attributes within 5 days of cloning to reduce overall costs, improve the probability of success, and further shorten timelines by selecting top clones for scale up.

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Target to lead molecule in weeks, not months

Selective Cell Cloning can be used to reduce CLD timelines by gently sorting a pool of cells 2.5 weeks post transfection when cell viabilities are as low as 30%.

Cell Line Development Workflow

Screen thousands of clones in parallel and select top clones for even non-traditional antibody molecules, like bispecifics.

  • Mycenax
    Molly Shih, Manager of Business Development
    With the Beacon, (Mycenax) offers the next-generation of CLD platform with shorter timeline and more high-productivity clones.

Enabling simple yet powerful CLD workflows

Beacon Select system enables game changing process improvements for CLD with simultaneous incubation and screening of thousands of clones on a chip

Product Quality

Selection based on product quality, not just productivity

The Opto® Assure assays minimize the risk of costly late stage failures by identifying top producing clones with desirable product quality attributes early on. The Opto Assure assay for aggregation enables direct detection of product aggregates within days of single-cell cloning. This lets you confidently identify and select clones that secrete high-quality complex molecules and develop better production cell lines faster.

More insights

The Beacon® system’s deep profiling reveals 100x the insights of legacy technologies.

The Beacon system can capture bright field and fluorescence images of each NanoPen® in an OptoSelect® chip at any time. Track and assay the same individual cell across multiple time points to reveal deep profiling—richly detailed “fingerprints” of cells and clones you can’t get any other way.

Beacon Select Platform
Beacon technology

At the core of the Beacon Select system is a combination of optics and nanofluidics called optofluidics

The OptoSelect® chips replace typical well plates. Each OptoSelect chip contains thousands of NanoPen® chambers, which are like wells on a microplate. This is where cells are deposited, where they grow and where they are characterized using a myriad of proprietary Berkeley Lights assays.

Beacon Workflow Modules

Screening thousands of cells is an automated process on the Beacon system with our four workflow modules: Import, Culture, Assay and Export. These modules can be adapted, interchanged and deployed with a variety of single-cell assays to address specific applications and a variety of cell types.


Our software automatically identifies single cells and directs them into NanoPen chambers all at once. Chips are loaded with cells in less than 30 minutes.


As cells proliferate, nutrients diffuse in, waste diffuses out, and software images the chip continuously to count cells and calculate growth rate.


Test individual cells immediately and repeatedly in our NanoPen® chambers, instead of culturing for weeks to reach a minimum number of cells for assay.


Choose your cells of interest. Light patterns move them into position for export to a well plate.

Simultaneous incubation and screening of thousands of clones

The Opto® CLD workflow allows for selection of clonal cell lines with optimal growth, productivity and quality profiles, using bioreactor-relevant on-chip assays. During the Opto CLD workflow, transfected cells are enriched, cloned, cultured, assayed, selected and recovered in a single automated process with minimal human intervention. This is compared to conventional clone selection methods where multiple steps must be performed sequentially on many different instruments.

Simultaneous incubation and screening

Customize your assays for non-antibody proteins

Custom Productivity Assay enables selection of clones secreting a wide variety of non-antibody molecules. The Custom Productivity Assay uses labeled detection molecules to measure a wide range of secreted proteins, including antibodies, protein-based vaccines, enzymes, fusion proteins, antibody fragments and cytokines.

Custom Productivity

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