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The Story of Your T Cell

Your T cell could be the key to the next powerful therapeutic.

To realize its potential, you need to deeply characterize this cell. The Opto Cell Therapy Development workflow lets you directly link a single cell’s phenotype and function to its genotype. It only takes one cell to create a powerful therapy. We’ll help you find it.

Profile multiple cytokines secreted by a single T cell

Our Multiplex Cytokine Assays allow simultaneous functional interrogation of T cells as they interact with target cells, giving you insight into the heterogenous mechanisms that regulate cytokine secretion.

Multiplexed cytokine assay identifies single CAR T cells that secrete IFNγ, IL-2, and TNF-α, and upregulate CD137.​

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  • Collect physiologically relevant data by simultaneously profiling multiple cytokines secreted from an individual, live T cell
  • Recover live T cells for further characterization to link cytokine profiles with gene expression
  • Multiplex with other functional assays to comprehensively classify T cell subpopulations