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Limited capacity is no longer an obstacle to using the most advanced single-cell solution on the market. TechAccess Subscriptions provide access to Berkeley Lights’ revolutionary workflows no matter the size of your lab, your customer base, or budget.*

All-inclusive workflow solutions

You will have everything you need to run your chosen workflow: Opto™ CLD or Opto™ Plasma B Discovery. An installed Beacon® system will give you cutting-edge technology without an extended commitment so you can future-proof your lab. Included consumables and software will ensure that you can deliver the best cells every time.

Campaign flexibility

TechAccess Subscriptions provide volume and configuration options to meet your individual needs. Delivery of consumables is tailored to make sure you have the consumables you need when you need them. Increasing and variable campaign volumes are no longer a problem with the no-penalty flexibility to renew subscriptions early.

Economics to fit your needs

TechAccess Subscriptions reduce up-front expense by providing a pay-as-you-go approach with intermittent invoicing throughout the year. At the end of consumable usage or the year term, we can collect the equipment at no additional cost to you. However, we are confident that you will want to renew and maintain access to this game-changing technology.

Learn more about the benefits of a flexible TechAccess Subscription

We are happy to walk you through the details and determine the best option for you.

*TechAccess Subscriptions are currently available in select regions. A one-time training fee is excluded from the subscription price to allow flexibility on subscription renewals.