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Light moves cells

Our technology combines precise cell processing, time-saving workflow automation, and rich, deep profiling.

Watch this video animation, to see how Berkeley Lights advanced technology works. Welcome to the future.

The Workflow Modules

Simple, yet powerful onboard modules.

OEP fluidics uses light and millions of light-actuated pixels to move individual cells so they can be isolated, cultured, assayed and exported. Each cell or clone is imaged and monitored in real-time in a NanoPen™ chamber on our OptoSelect™ chips to provide rich visual data early and often. Our full platform and software suite deliver cell processing and deep profiling with more information about cell function than any other technology.

1. Import

Our software automatically identifies single cells and directs them into NanoPen chambers all at once. Chips are loaded with cells in less than 30 minutes.

2. Culture

As cells proliferate, nutrients diffuse in, waste diffuses out, and software images the chip continuously to count cells and calculate growth rate.

3. Assay

Test individual cells immediately and repeatedly in our NanoPen chambers, instead of culturing for weeks to reach a minimum number of cells for assay.

4. Export

Choose your cells of interest. Light patterns move them into position for export to a well plate.


Assays can be performed quickly with as little as a single cell.

NanoPen chambers are 100,000 times smaller in volume than a microwell. Isolate and assay a single cell within minutes. You won’t need to wait weeks for a larger quantity of cells. You have complete flexibility to run fully-automated assays, sequentially or simultaneously, as frequently as you choose.

Supported Cellular Assay Types:

  • Real-time lgG Secretion
  • Multiplex Assays
  • Multiple Antigen Screening
  • Multiple Species Binding
  • Growth Rate
  • Surface Markers
  • Viral Neutralization Assays
  • Reporter Cell Assays
  • Ligand Blocking Assay
  • Cell/Cell Interaction
  • Cytokine Assays
  • Apoptosis Assays
  • Tumor Killing Assays
  • Other Functional Assays
Typical Nanopen assays

Functional Assay

Ligand Blocking Assay

Cross-Species Assay

Antigen Specific Bead Assay

Tumor Cell Killing Assay

Cytokine Assay
DEep Profiling

For every single cell or clone couple phenotypic data, genome, and transcriptome in a scalable way.

Measure individual cells over time and over many assays, stack their performance against each other and only export the cells of interest. The OptoSeq™ Single Cell 3′ mRNA Library kit integrates single cell sequencing library preparation into cell profiling workflows on the Beacon® and Lightning™ optofluidic systems. Live cell phenotypic data can now be directly linked to genomic data using a single, innovative and scalable instrument.

Berkeley Lights Workflows

Our technology wouldn’t matter if it didn’t have applications that will change the way you can use and deploy cell-based products.

Below are some examples of proven workflows where we can and have made a difference. We drastically reduce time to results for each of these application workflows while providing detailed measurements on each cell, enabling a whole new perspective with deep understanding of each cell’s behavior. Pick your workflow and see the difference.

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