B-Cell Antibody Discovery Workflow

Access broad B cell diversity to select better antibody lead candidates in just days.


  • In less than 24 hours, using the Beacon single-cell system, GenScript ProBio completed immunized mice processing, immune cell isolation and enrichment, single cell sorting, on-chip binding and blocking screening, which usually takes three months using the traditional hybridoma antibody screening.
    Dr. Brian Min, CEO of GeneScript ProBio

With the Opto™ Plasma B Discovery Workflow, everything you need to connect antibody function to gene sequence at the single-cell level is available.

Increase your chances of finding rare functional antibody therapeutic candidates by screening the plasma B cell repertoire using the Berkeley Lights Platform.

Rapid Screening of the B Cell Repertoire

Plasma B discovery using the Beacon® optofluidic system bypasses time-consuming and inefficient hybridoma fusion.



Plasma B cells are screened using binding and functional assays to select only the most qualified antibody lead candidates. OptoSeq™BCR enables automated recovery of broad antibody sequence diversity in under a week.

Down-select Lead Candidates Earlier.

The Opto Plasma B Discovery Workflow enables down-selection of lead candidates through multiple assays for antigen specificity and function.

With a NanoPen™chamber volume of only 250 pico liters, reactions are fast and precise. Complete assays in less than 1 hour, then reset your chips to enable the next assay to begin. Better characterization upfront reduces the expense of having to sequence or clone irrelevant non-functional hits.


Functional Assay

Ligand Blocking Assay

Cross-Species Assay

Antigen Specific Bead Assay

Link Sequence With Function in Just Two Days

Every antibody sequence can be mapped directly to a known antibody function. Sequence relationships identify individual mutations that confer antigen specificity, cross-reactivity, and function.


Discover Thousands of Hits in Days, Not Months.

Beacon System’s OptoSelect™ Chip
Step 1: Cloning
Step 2: Assay
Step 3: CDNA Synthesis
Step 4: Sequence Recovery

Plasma B discovery on the Beacon system enables automated, direct screening of B cells immediately after organ harvest and cell purification.

B cells can be screened from multiple organs (spleen, bone marrow, lymph nodes) and cultured for multiple days in specialized media to enable multiple screens from a single cell sample.

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