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Abveris on “Lessons Learned from 2+ Years of Discovering Functional Antibodies on the Beacon”

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Target to lead molecule in weeks, not months.

The Opto™ Plasma B Discovery workflow on the automated Beacon® system enables high-resolution screening of plasma B cells with unprecedented speed.

  • Directly clone B cells from multiple compartments
  • Generate diverse hit panels
  • Downselect lead candidates with functional characterization
  • Recover re-expressed lead molecules in just 1 week
  • Accelerate the time to clinic to realize millions in enabled revenue
Rapidly Downselect Lead Molecules and Prepare Libraries for NGS Sequencing

  • Abveris
    Tracey Mullen, MBA, CEO
    The ability to both multiplex and run sequential assays increases the screening resolution beyond what is possible in alternative single cell discovery platforms, making the Beacon in our opinion one of the most powerful high content screening tools in the industry.
  • Amgen
    Philip Tagari, Vice President Therapeutic Discovery
    We've actually put this technology into practice in our antibody discovery work, and it takes about four months off the normal timeline. It's starting to feel like a pretty transformative tool
  • Genovac
    Brian Walters, CEO
    The throughput of two Beacon systems, coupled with our genetic immunization technology, has increased the probability of campaign success by delivering 10-fold more lead candidates against difficult targets like GPCRs.

Guaranteed campaign success.

Find antibodies against any target by putting function first and accessing broad B cell diversity.


Direct functional profiling of B cells enables discovery of 10-fold more antibodies against GPCRs and other high-value targets.

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Rare Molecules

Access to different species and B cell compartments to screen greater biodiversity.

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High Potency Antibodies

Screening throughput of up to 100,000 B cells from a single sample allows recovery of higher affinity antibodies.

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Get to the clinic faster.

The Opto Plasma B Discovery workflow enables cloning and direct functional profiling of B cells in a single day.

Vanderbilt University delivered sequences of confirmed SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibodies to downstream manufacturing partners in just 18 days using this workflow. Two of these antibodies form the basis of an AstraZeneca antibody cocktail for the treatment of COVID-19 currently in Phase III clinical trials.

These significant time savings not only enable a rapid response to emerging pandemics but can also deliver millions of dollars in enabled revenue and return on investment.

Learn more about Vanderbilt’s antibodies

Leave no hit behind.

Have high hit rates? No problem! Recover every one with OptoSeq Barcoded BCR.

  • Screen up to 50,000 plasma B cells and recover 1000s of hits from a single automated 4-chip workflow
  • Run multiple workflows to screen up to 100,000 cells from a single sample to recover >10,000 hits
  • Recover antibody sequences with high-efficiency using OptoSeq Barcoded BCR

Link sequence to functional profiles

OptoSeq™ Barcoded BCR enables linkage of sequence to function by dual optical and genetic barcoding. Fluorescence signatures of beads are decoded on the Beacon system prior to exporting into specific locations in well plates. The genetic barcodes read by NGS sequencing can then be mapped to each bead, linking every antibody sequence to its corresponding function.

Recover lead molecules, not just sequences.

Re-express >1,000 antibodies in 1 week without gene synthesis and cloning.

The Opto BCR Rapid Re-expression kit converts antibody sequences into molecules in just 1 week for plate-based confirmation assays. Amplified cDNA is cloned into expression constructs in one step, enabling expression of >1,000 antibodies for rapid functional confirmation.

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