Faster Cloning and Selection

Single cell cloning after gene editing used to take months. Our platform makes it happen in 5 days.

With the Berkeley Lights Platform speeding up Gene Editing, you can make 10X more edits, 5X faster. Rapidly clone up to 100s of cell lines per year. Characterize each clone on our OptoSelect™ chips, and export live cells for expansion, culture, and sequencing.

Rapid Cloning

Months of labor-intensive cloning after gene editing accelerates to just 5 days with our technology.



Some cell types are sensitive to hydrodynamic stress or low-density culture conditions. With current methods, you need to maintain large numbers of clones in stacks of well plates to ensure a few survive. In addition, multiple rounds of cloning are frequently required to obtain truly clonal cell lines. But with our technology, it all happens on one OptoSelect chip, in less than a work week.

Data Output

Our Gene Editing workflow quickly produces valuable deep profiling and clonal cell lines for sequencing validation.



Off-chip sequencing of editing outcomes in individual clones shows proportions of reads mapping to HDR (magenta), NHEJ (orange), or WT (blue) editing outcomes in each individual clone. Total read count from each clone in the sequencing run is displayed above the allele frequency. Clones with many different genotypes can be identified, including those that integrated the HDR template on both alleles (100% HDR, Clone 1), as well as clones with the same NHEJ edit on both alleles (Clone 8 with a two base-pair deletion).

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